Dogs Looking for New Homes

We have lots of dogs looking for new homes but we do not show them all on our website, those featured below are just a typical sample.
To check if we have dogs which may suit your requirements, you need to call our re-homing number – 01782 638341.
We are currently re-homing but due to the COVID-19 situation, there is no general viewing at the kennels – you need to make a specific appointment to look around under social-distancing guidelines.
To make an appointment, please call the kennel manager Steve Woodward on 07925 585358.

LUKE, Male, 11 Years – Polish Born ‘Heinz 57’ Dog:

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Luke I am 11 years old though my human friends say I don’t act my age(whatever that might mean).
I am a handsome lad if I do say so myself, though I am quite modest with it. I love my treats, I’ll do pretty much anything for a bit of sausage!

For some reason I have been overlooked for some time now and no one has chosen me to share their family. I don’t think I sell myself well as I don’t really care for other dogs. Personally I don’t think that it is a problem as I would just like a home on my own and not have to share it with other dogs. That way all the love and attention would be just mine and that would be perfect.

My previous Dad got very poorly and had to move back overseas so I had to move into the kennels. Although I have been very well looked after here with all my meals, lots of walks and play and even a heated pen, I think it is time that I gave my kennel up to another needy dog and got myself a home of my own and if you’re really lucky, I’ll even show you my party trick (waving).

If you think you could offer me that home where I could be loved and have some wonderful walks and play time then please contact Cassie at or ring our re-homing coordinator on 01782 638341

If you are not lucky enough to give me a home don’t be disappointed as I will just be looking for the perfect home that suits MY needs.
Loads of love, Luke XXX