Neutering & Spaying

There are THREE primary reasons why the British Small Animal Veterinary Association recommends that dogs should be neutered:

1. Better Behaviour
Many anti-social behavioural problems associated with male dogs can be reduced or eliminated by neutering. These include aggression, dominance, hyper-activity, mounting cushions. While neutering is not always a total remedy for these problems it usually makes a significant difference.

2. Reduced Health Problems In Later Life
Male dogs which have NOT been neutered can in later life be at risk from testicular tumours, and prostate problems. Having a dog neutered substantially lowers the risk of these conditions developing.

3. Unwanted pups are prevented
A neutered male will be far less likely to attempt to escape to seek a mate. This not only reduces the risk of producing unwanted pups but helps safeguard the dog from road-accident death or injury while roaming. The British Small Animals Veterinary Association recommends that dogs be neutered at 6-9 months of age if possible, though the procedure can still be carried out quite easily if the dog is older. Contrary to popular myth, this minor operation does not change the character and personality of the dog. Please consider having your dog neutered and feel free to discuss this matter in more detail with your own vet.

There are FIVE primary reasons why the British Small Animals Veterinary Association recommends the spaying of bitches:

1. Unwanted Pups Are Prevented
Unwanted pups add to the stray population and pose problems for animal welfare groups in finding new homes for them.

2. No False Pregnancies
False pregnancies are very common in bitches and can result in great distress to the animal. A bitch enduring a false pregnancy can suffer loss of appetite, increased stress and can become quite aggressive.

3. Reduced Risk of Mammary Tumors
Bitches can be prone to mammary tumors in middle and old age, and the risk increases year on year. Having a bitch spayed substantially reduces this risk and the earlier the bitch is spayed, the lower the prevalence of tumors.

4. Reduced Risk of Womb Disease
Bitches which have NOT been spayed can develop a serious condition called Pyometra in later life, which is life-threatening and would require major surgery. Spaying eliminates this risk.

5. No Season
Bitches have a season (are on heat) every six months. At this time, they have to be kept away from other dogs and walked under close supervision. Bitches which have been spayed do not come into season.

Spaying is a routine, relatively inexpensive, surgical procedure. Contrary to popular myth, it does not alter the character or personality of the animal. Bitches may put on a little weight after being spayed but this can be controlled by diet.

Please consider having your bitch spayed and feel free to discuss the matter in more detail with your own vet.

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