Unwanted Christmas Gifts


Wondering what to do with those unwanted Christmas gift from Aunt Mabel or Uncle George?

Then wonder no more! You can easily upcycle them by donating them to Animal Lifeline!

We can can find new owners for any odd, wrong size or downright bizarre items you may have been given but don’t want by using them to raise funds. We can re-sell them at our charity shops or raffle them at fundraising events.

Just drop the items off at our rescue kennels or at either of our charity shops and we will do the rest!

We can also use surplus bottled drinks (soft or alcholic) for our fund-raising bottle tombolas.

Drop-off addresses:

Serendipity Kennels, Leek Road, Cellarhead (next to Moorville Hall Hotel) ST9 0DG

Normally open 9am – 3.30pm

Charity Shop, 1 Church Street Newcastle (opposite St Giles Church) ST5 1QS

Normally open 9.30am – 3pm

Charity Shop, 31 Bennetts Precinct, Longton ST3 2HT (near the former Greggs shop)

Normally open 9 am – 4pm