Our Dogs – Where are they now?





We have had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy Buster  who we had from you 12 years ago.  Buster was a fabulous dog but he couldn’t cope with his pain anymore and we had to let him go.

Thank you Animal LIfeline for finding us for him. We’ll miss those fun days with him on the beach which he just loved so much!



“Hi Pat and friends of Animal Lifeline……
I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness and as you can see I landed on all paws with a wonderful family who provide me with all the love and happiness I could ever have wished for.
My favorite things are going on holidays to the beach, playing with my ball in the garden, lying around on the back of my sofa and getting lots of belly rubs and kisses, thank you all for looking after me for my time at Animal Lifeline”.

Gizmo xxxx


OUT FOR A SPLASH [14.09.19]

More Beach! Rosie

More beach adventures for Rosie. She just loves the sea and the beach! Such a wonderful girl! This was about a week ago and only 8am. She loves walking and especially the beach.

DEX DESERVES IT! [05.07.19]

Just to let you know how Dex is going on.

He has settled in really well and is well and truly one of the family.  He is spoiled and pampered by us all, but we think he deserves it after being in kennels for three years, through no fault of his own or yourselves.  He is lovely but can be very stubborn.  However, as the rest of the family will testify, where dogs are concerned, mum is the boss and will stand no messing. Lol.  He tries to be stubborn but a few tugs of the lead, he gives up and just trots along anyway.

Unlike Duke, our other rescue dog from you, he isn’t frightened of people and loves a big fuss off everyone.  He laps it up.  He is a little scared of other dogs and barks if they come close, especially if they are off lead, but we think we will take him to an animal trainer, who I am sure can help with that.  He likes ripping up soft toys but doesn’t bother with most toys. We throw a ball and he sits down.  He loves cheesy feet and licking feet. Strange dog !!!

He loves his food but he hasn’t been as bad as we expected, after you said he could be funny around food. He likes to beg for titbits though, so we are careful not to give him too many.

He moults everywhere, so our carpets have now turned cream but i’m sure the hoover can cope. lol.

After a few teething problems of trying to eat towels? and chewing the wood at the top of the stairs, he seems to have settled down.

He loves rides in the car and walks in different places and has his own set of steps to get in the boot.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that I am very sorry but Dex will definitely not be coming back to you and has found his forever home.



I had Henry from Animal Lifeline in roughly 2010 and he was scared of everyone and everything, bless him.  I brought Jessi my collie along to your kennels and all the dogs that I liked she hated, but when you brought Henry out, she immediately fell in love with him.  So did I!

I remember that day some one else wanted Henry but you allowed me to have him and I thank you from the bottom off my heart.  Henry died the day after my birthday some 18 months ago. I came for him at a time when you also had that elderly Alsation that had the door to her cage open as she never left it but she did follow me around and you commented on it.

Henry is and was the love of my life, he became my ‘service dog’ and was so loved and is still talked about in hospital and shops;  he even helped with dementia patients.  I just want to thank you for blessing me with the love of my life – I am in tears writing this now!  He blessed me with more happiness than anybody else has ever done in my whole life. THANK YOU ANIMAL LIFELINE.

P.S. A carved likeness of Henry was recently delivered to me and will take pride of place in my home! [28.01.19]





Lovely Boris and Matilda have been with us 2 years and 8 months now.  Older, slower and more wobbly, but still comical and an unmissable presence!

Boris – our unmissable male

They have now spent longer with us than they did in Animal Lifeline kennels, so as Steve said when we took them on “hope they give you a

few good years”.  Well they have so far, not sure they will both be here next Christmas as Boris is a very arthritic old man now , slow to get up in the morning, and Matilda has problems with breathing as do many short nosed dogs.

Matilda -our unmissable female

They are pretty unfit for purpose now as dogs for walking anywhere ; a very slow turn around the block is about it now.  However they still love everyone, like their food and are very good at snoozing and snoring, so as long as there is enjoyment in their life, we look forward to providing it.    Diane


Tara – the day she came home aged 14 months.

“We had our Staffie-cross Tara from the Animal Lifeline kennels when she was just 14 months old, and that was back in 2002. Tara had a delightful personality, a lovely gentle nature and was very faithful. Everyone who met her loved her.

Tara – a few months ago

Over the years she travelled on holiday with us, particularly to North Wales, and she enjoyed running on the beach and playing with her ball.

Sadly, Tara passed away recently, aged 17 years. She bought great joy to us and we miss her, but we know she had a long and happy life with us and she will always have a special place in our memories.”




We adopted Bugs in 2012 after seeing his story in the paper where he had been in Animal Lifeline for 5 years.

He was such a sorrowful little soul but immediately settled in. He was the perfect companion, very loving and loyal, with a little staffy smile and a wagging tail that went in all directions.

We had to say goodbye on 8th October 2018 and miss him terribly but take comfort in the joy he bought us.



MILLIE’S MADE IT! [05.08.18]

Meet Millie adopted on 4th Aug 2018. Looking forward to many years of happiness with this little lady. Her first night in her new home she slept for 7 hours straight.  Shes a good girl!  Many thanks to Animal Lifeline for all the hard work they do.



It is with deep sadness that we have to inform you that our beautiful Maddie died suddenly yesterday evening (16 May 2018).

The vet thinks it was an aneurysm. She will be so badly missed. She had a wonderful wagging time right ’til the end.



MAX – IN MEMORIAM [22.03.18]

Hi, we were so happy to rehome Max the rottie cross mastiff from you eight years ago (he was in the same time as ‘Pebbles’ the Doberman and ‘Storm’ the big white GSD…just before Brian came in…we’re the butchers from Leek).

I’m devasted to say that Max passed away at home on 11th March.  He was getting an old lad but it was very unexpected, he was asleep by the fire, got up to sit with me and then just passed away in my arms.

I wanted to visit your kennels often but we’ve now got a dog mad, almost 3 year old little girl, so there’s never been a time that we could call down to see you without her.  Max was my daughter’s brilliant furry big brother and they doted on each other from the second she came home from the hospital.  Now, over a week on and she still asks for him, it’s absolutely heart breaking!   He lived a very full and very happy life and there are friends who now own rotties because they loved him so much.

He’s remembered so fondly by so many people.  Life will be very quiet without him and I miss him so much it hurts.  He was the original crazy hound who gained a ‘wing man’ in our little girl.  Pair of them always up to mischief and mayhem given half a chance!  It’s been a wild ride with lots of destruction and laughs along the way.  He was the most amazing boy and left us all with the most amazing memories. xxx



Zena is no longer with us, Zee is with the angels in heaven. We still miss her so.

The house was so still and empty without Zee, my grand- daughter Rebecca said “let’s go up to the Serendipity Kennels”. My daughter and grand-daughter came with me to the kennels and we were looking around at all the dogs they had in the there when Rebecca came across Logan.  I was looking at other dogs across to the rear of the kennels and Rebecca shouted me, “Nan come and have a look at him”, I went across and saw the cruel state Logan had been left in and I fell in love with him straight away. All he wanted was lots of love and affection! Rebecca said “can we change his name Nan?” Rebecca named him Charlie and he responded to us straight away. I could not wait to bring him HOME.

Charlie (formerly Logan) with his favourite toys.

Charlie is still with us, keeping us on our toes, he is a gentle giant with the grand-children – he loves them. He is also very inquisitive, runs up and down the lounge throwing his toy racoon in the air after he has shaken it to get our attention. He is so funny and we are really pleased that we gave him a ‘Forever Loving Home’.

We take him on holiday with us and the other members of the club come and see him – he is something of a celebrity! I would say to anyone looking for a dog to complete their family go to ANIMAL LIFELINE in Cellarhead. THEY CARE FOR AND LOVE ALL THE DOGS IN THEIR KENNELS NEEDING ‘NEW AND FOREVER LOVING HOMES’.

Thank you Steve and all your staff and volunteers for the good work you do in caring for the dogs at Serendipity.


 SUPER SALLY [23.11.17]
We adopted Sally from you in 2010 – we don’t need to upload a photo – as the dog in the photo on the main website – the brown/ginger one back left, looks exactly like her!  Actually, on reflection, here’s a photo of her with her daddy.  See what we mean about lookalike!


She took a good year to settle in, but she was just skittish and nervous in that time, never nasty. She is so lovely, loves her walks and her treats. We’re so glad we got her.
Tim & Val


LOLA ADORES A NAP! [02.11.17]
We adopted Lola from you and the amazingly helpful Steve (kennel manager) in September 2016.
Lola has now settled in really well and loves to hog the sofa & the bed!
Anywhere we can take her we will – she loves adventures in the car.
She’s even been on holiday in a cabin with us to the Peak District, where she ran her little heart out for a week.  She has completed our little family and adopting her has been the best thing we ever did.
Thank you for her.


Sara & Mark Teece





SKY LOVES LIFE. [28.10.07]



Sky loves life. Every morning is the start of a new adventure and she can’t wait to get up and get going! After a few nervous weeks back in January 2014 when we first adopted her, she realised that she had found her forever home and relaxed.

The true nature of this beautiful dog shone through as she settled into family life. Whether she’s tearing around the countryside enjoying the speed she can put into those long legs, playing with her pug sister Minnie or just indulging in a upside down stretch and cuddle, she’s so content. I look at her often and thank God and Animal Lifeline that this fantastic animal had the chance to experience a joyful, loving life.




We adopted Arthur on January 11th 2010. He is one very special dog, he has lots of quirks some good some not so good but once you get used to them you can’t help but love him. Life just wouldn’t be the same without him.




On 30th ApriI it will be six months since we lost our family friend and I wanted to publish a remembrance story about our beautiful dog Sandy, who we rescued from Animal Lifeline on October 17th 2002;  Sandy was and still is pictured on your website home page with Wendy Turner-Webster – the beautiful little ginger collie!

Me with Sandy 2002

After 16 years of life, and spending 14 years in our home, Sandy sadly passed away 30th October 2016, surrounded by his loving family. We all miss him terribly, he became a member of the family from the day he came home with us. We have so many lovely memories of him which I would like to share.

I urge other people to adopt from a shelter such as yourselves, as I was able to find my best friend and experience a love unlike any other in a wonderful rescue dog.

I hope one day I am able to adopt again, and fill another dog’s life with love and cuddles.



Well we got Blue in May 2004, just before his 4th birthday. He has overseen 4 children, two of which are now grown up. Just when he thought he was in for a rest along came two more babies (now 2 and 4).

We moved to a village surrounded by fields and dogs in 2010 and he soon became well known, a bit of a celebrity. He’d take himself off to visit people during walkies – I remember one Christmas day whilst walking off his turkey dinner he wandered into a neighbour’s house whilst they were eating their Christmas dinner and walked out with a bone.

He has become known as ‘majestic Blue’. It was at this time that he was also introduced to cats, contrary to belief he took to them almost straight away (almost!) although there was a lot of nose rubbing and cuddling with one of them. That didn’t stop him chasing the ginger church cats though! He can’t walk as far anymore or chase ginger cats, but everyone still asks about him. I’m writing this as we know his time is limited at the age of 16, he has brought pleasure to so many lives and we thank Animal Lifeline for letting him live with us. The majestic Blue ( Balloo).   Peter


boris and matilda 2Just updating the story of the lovely Boris and Matilda, now they have been with us for nearly 8 months.I cannot overstate how much we love these dogs – they are affectionate, funny, noisy and devoted. The vet tells me that Boris is quite elderly, about 10 – 12 years and Matilda is much younger at about 8 years. As she is so stout (big boned, not fat), they are both on a par when it comes to walking – in other words both cannot walk very far. However, Matilda loves it when we go out in the car for a walk and she especially likes water it seems. The vet suggested when I was musing what she was crossed with, that it might be a fish tank. She is very rectangular!

Boris did go for a wander about 2 months after we had them, somehow escaping through a very small gap in the gate. boris and matilda 1He ended up at the accountants who do the books for Animal Lifeline – what were the odds? Anyway, since then there have been no more escapes. Indeed neither of them ever go out even when the door is open. It seems they are equally devoted to us as we are to them. I can only say to anyone wondering about whether to adopt a Staffie – they are well worth it and definitely good for your mental health, since they love unconditionally and are a joy to have around. Just wish they liked other dogs more, but you can’t have everything.


ALFIE’S LEGACY [30.09.16]

imageWe adopted Alfie in June 2004, as company for our very very naughty terrier puppy.  Alfie was a rough coated lurcher and a true gent, he taught our naughty Bess manners and how to be a good girl, he also taught her how to get in the biscuit tin and how to break in to the kitchen bin!! Additionally, he also trained two whippets that we adopted from animal lifeline, he was a proper dad.

Alfie sadly went to dog heaven in February 2016, leaving our family devastated, we still have Bess and Jak the whippet who are amazing dogs thanks to Alfie.
Keep up the good work Animal Lifeline

Claire and Ellis Quinn
Bess and Jak the whippet xx

OUR JESS! [06.09.16]

We only went up to the kennels to drop off some bones, but persuaded the hubby to look round! He spotted Jess, there she was on her own looking out to a field, she looked friendly enough.

Well since we adopted her in November 2014 she has been great although she likes to chew remote controls and my slippers! She went on holiday with us to France and was so good in the car even for the 15 hours it took to get there! She is such a little darling, so playful with other dogs, normally comes back when called if not she soon comes running when you are more than 2 feet away.

Yes, she hogs the bed but we love her so much. Thank you Animal Lifeline.

Paula and Chris.

ADORABLE AMY [22.05.16]

We had Amy a cross Collie/Labrador from you 14 years ago , her name then was Molly . We had another dog named Molly so we changed her name to Amy.

Amy is a much loved pet and my best friend , a very loving and gentle pet who loves us as much as we love her.  Corrine.


DelilahIt is always great to hear how former Animal Lifeline dogs are getting on and we have recently heard from Emma Salt who 13 years ago, had an 18 month old puppy from Animal Lifeline and called her Delilah.

“Delilah is nearly 15 now and she is amazing,” says Emma. Emma & Delilah“She walks 2 miles every day and can manage a maximum of a 6 mile walk. She’s full of energy and is a wonderful dog and companion. We love her dearly.”

“I wanted to send you some photos and let you know that she’s very healthy, very happy and I think you do a wonderful job.”


MY BABIES – COOKIE & LUDO [30.04.16]

imageI first had Cookie the Anatolian Shepard from you. She was so disruptive at first and chewed threw a leather sofa, garden furniture endless shoes and bedding. Cost me a fortune but no matter what mischief she got up to, she got away with it as I adore her!

I then decided that she needed a friend so Pat suggested Ludo the Lurcher who is so well behaved.

I love them both and can’t thank Animal Lifeline enough.



ben+++I came to adopt 2 dogs and with a view that I didnt want staffies. I had greyhounds as my last two dogs and mongrels before that. I admit to sharing a widespread prejudice about staffies. Anyway, when I said I wanted two dogs, pointed out to me were Boris and Matilda, two fat wiggly middle aged staffies and after 3 visits I decided to take them on from among the many staffies who are sadly over- represented in rescue kennels ( in part because people think like I did). The first evening I have to admit to wondering what on earth I had taken on – so excitable, never still and panting like trains! Greyhounds lie around and are very quiet usually so this was a bit of a shock. They had calmed down a lot on day two, and each day they have got calmer and more at home. They are still wiggly and adoring of everyone who calls. They are a joy to have around, such characters and so funny – Matilda snuffling like a pig and Boris deaf as a post, so it is easy to suprise him when he stands with his back to you as you come in, and then to see his sheer plesure at seeing you again!
It is 16 days since they joined our household. Feels like they always belonged here. So glad you pointed out the two staffies who needed to go together. I am a convert.


moreton 2010 022We’ve had Jessie for twelve and a half years. She has been the most perfect dog. Very intelligent. Never on a lead.

We’ve covered many miles over the years, walking up to twenty miles a day. Unfortunately old age, and a previous chronic injury to her front left leg, means she can no longer walk far these days. She still has a good life though. She’s spending a couple of months touring France and Spain with us later this year.



imageHi there we adopted Buddy the BullMastif from you in Jan 2013.
Just to let you know he is stillgoing strong and very healthy.
He has been an absolute pleasure to have around
the place and is well known on his visits to my local pub!!!
He is such a well natured and gentle boy
We feel very lucky to have him




Samson+SadieBroke our hearts but we lost Sophie (see 22 May 2015 entry under) earlier this year. We adopted Samson (left in photo) from you guys the very next day. He helped Sadie, my wife and myself fill the void left.

He can be a handful but he is so loving and he is learning day by day. Here he is resting with his adoptive big sis! Keep up the good work you are doing.

Dave and Rachel


pippaWe adopted Pippa 3 years ago and she settled into family life straight away! Pippa is the most well natured and loving dog you could meet. She loves spending time down the stables with her best friends Tia (Our other Alsatian) and Jose (The Cockrel).

Every moment with Pippa is a joy and we wouldn’t change her for the world.




Ash and CaraWe have always had rescue dogs and when our previous border collie Pip died in 2007, we visited Animal Lifeline to pick another one. We had always had collies but this time we saw a cute golden coloured dog playing with a ball – and immediately knew he was the one for us. He is now 14 (according to the vet) and still going strong although he has slowed down a bit when he goes out for a run.

In 2013, we came to the open day and my daughter, Rosy, spotted Cara the black lurcher. Although I had said “we don’t need any more dogs” before we came, she fell in love with her at first sight and we ended up bringing Ashley to the kennels to make sure they would be friends for a permanent move. Suffice it to say, they have been absolutely fine together and even share their beds and toys.

Thank you for all the hard work you do – these 2 are adorable, friendly, happy little souls who have the second chance they so richly deserve because of you. (Photo – Ashley left, Cara right).



image imageAmber came to join our family just over three years ago. Right from the start we realised what a beautiful young lady she was. She fitted in with our family immediately. Our other dog, Molly, loved her straight away. Even the cat was pleased that she had come to join our little gang. Every time he came in from a night on the tiles he would run straight over to her and rub his head on her’s.

She is the most lovely natured dog ever. Our pictures show that she has her very own spot on the sofa. The second photo is of her climbing Helvellyn in the Lake District. She has enjoyed many holidays in our caravan, in fact every time she gets in the car she thinks she is going on another trip somewhere.



DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Suzie. She came initially as a foster dog but soon became part of the family. 8 years and many happy tales later she is still here and loved very much by everyone she meets.



SADIE & SOPHIE [22.05.15]

20150418_174844We adopted Sadie & Sophie in Aug 2-3 years ago.

Sadie & Sophie are twin long haired German Shepherds. We met them at a time when I was suffering badly with depression so it was like we were helping each other. Myself and my wife giving them a loving home and they giving me a reason to get up and get out each day! They changed my life for the better and I will always be greatful.

They are both still doing well even if they are getting on a bit now.

Dave and Rachel



I took Diesel home for a weekend visit to see if my cantankerous old girl would like him. Scarlett loved him!

1535042_715506355141352_153818245_nThat weekend is now over a year ago and they are devoted to each other. What a beautiful gentle boy, who says staffies are vicious?

Has to be a pretty bad owner, he is my 3rd staffie rescue and a credit to the breed.


HAPPY ROCKY! [21.03.15]

We had Rocky in june 2013.  He really is a fantastic dog and is woken up 6.30 most mornings with a kiss on his head and a tummy tickle then we go on our morning walk.

IMG_0475When we get back he has a couple of Shapes biccies.  He loves his walks wherever we are and is brilliant off the lead.  I just say his name and he stops, I say “heel” and he comes to my side – his recall is perfect. Rocky loves to run on the beaches we go to and loves a paddle in the sea, so we try and get away as often as we can and he loves it!   He is so nosy.  He has a new toy every week and gets so excited when we show him the bag!

Rocky very rarely barks, he loves having a run around with over dogs. He just looks at cats and walks past them.

photo 1Rocky is the first staffy we have had and what an adorable breed they are. We have never laughed so much and he is such a lovable loyal dog. When we are out and stop for a coffee, he loves to sit on your lap like a yorkie.  We were in a hotel in Scotland in the bar and he had to sit on my lap.

I knew that when I looked into Rocky’s eyes at your Serendipity Kennels he was to be our new best friend. I was so right!  He is sitting on the setteee across from me now while I type this just waiting to go out in the car – so I had better go.


GRACE’S A GREAT GIRL! [24.01.15]

gracieIts been five and half years since we adopted Grace.  She will be 12 this year and she’s been such a loving dog, she makes us all smile, she is very active and loves being outdoors and is very adventurous.

We thought it would be difficult to retrain an older dog but we’ve been lucky.  She is very bright and adapted to us almost imediately. Everyday we feel so HAPPY and LUCKY that we got her and love her to bits, everyone takes to her and she is good with other dogs she completes our family.

Vincenza S


lottieWe adopted our beautiful Lottie from Animal Lifeline in August 2012. Originally called Paige she was the last sibling waiting to go. As soon as we saw her, we decided that we had to have her.  Within 72 hours she was home with us and in May 2013 her best friend Oscar was born who she loves loads.

Thank you so much Animal Lifeline!

Hayley and Andy xx



Seven years ago we were blessed when we adopted our beloved Pip from Animal Lifeline . Pip , a Jack Russell passed away on Remembrance Sunday .

She was about 4 years old at the time of her adoption and we loved her so deeply that we don’t think the hurt of losing her will ever go away . Thanks to you all at Animal Lifeline for allowing us to take such a wonderful little lady into our lives .

Chris & Ron Jamieson X

RUBY & GUCCIE – GEMS! [14.10.14]

Hi.  I had Ruby and Guccie some while ago. We love them dearly they come to the caravan with us and camping. Ruby is still the bossy one and the yappie one. But they are so lovable. We are thinking of having another one from you but cannot think what sort would go with these two. Any ideas would love to hear from you. Pat.

BLADE’S OUR BUDDY [14.09.14]

Blade1499575_583923065054528_4074559139414346850_nI had Blade in 2010 – he was around 2-3 years old. I came straight to Animal Lifeline as I had my previous dog from there. He was a little thin when we got him as he was stressed about being in kennels – he likes his comfort! We have no transport of our own so he was brought to my home, to see if we got on okay – which we did – he quickly settled himself in front of the fire. Needless to say I had no hesitation in signing papers to become his human – especially since Animal Lifeline have always been so brilliant in the past.

Now 4 years on he’s… well he’s still enjoying the comfort albeit on the sofa now. He’s such a sweet dog, we’ve never had any problems with him and he’s my absolute best friend. Rescue will always be the best “breed” to get for me – Alison.

MISTY’S MAGIC [04.09.14]

10317189_545566195564358_932669301_oWe adopted Misty from Animal Lifeline January 4th 2009, after losing two beloved companions in 2008. Misty had no trouble settling into our family, although really didn’t like travelling in the car when we first got her.
In May of that year we all went to Southern Ireland for a holiday with our caravan and stayed at a lovely site where Misty and Karen used to walk daily on the beach, ocassionally sharing it with two or three race horses who liked a dip in the sea. Later in that holiday we moved down the coast and stayed at Skibereen, when a lady told us about a dog show to raise funds for the local school. We went to watch and came home with first place rosettes for best Collie and best puppy!

Since then Misty has been very happy with us chasing her ball in the house and on walks every day and then we discovered flyball in December 2012! We joined Longton Flyball and Misty is now a valued member of ‘Dukes of Hazzard’, with Rosettes galore and is a very happy girl!!  We love her loads and continue to support Lifeline by sponsoring Jake ,the Weimaraner who continues to live at Lifeline’s kennels.

LOTTIE IS LOVED! [16.07.14]

Lottie resizedWe adopted Lottie, formerly known as Dot, from Animal Lifeline in December 2011.  When we met Lottie all we knew about her was that she was probably born in 2010 and the staff and volunteers at Animal Lifeline all said how sweet natured she was.  They weren’t wrong.

Lottie quickly settled into a routine at home, and now 2 and a half years plus later, she’s a wonderful loving and playful little dog, who loves everybody, gets on very well with other dogs, and loves nothing more than a good walk before curling up on our laps for a nap. Lottie is a  lovely little dog and we are very grateful to Animal Lifeline for enabling us to give Lottie the home she deserves.  (Craig Flaherty).

POPPY AND PENNY UPDATE! [07.07.14] Back in 2010, Wally and Lorna Davies adopted two little Pomeranians from Animal Lifeline, and they have just sent us this lovely update on how the dogs are doing:
Penny running as fast as her little legs will carry herPoppy flat out!Penny running as fast as her little legs will carry her Poppy flat out!“We still keep in touch with the kennels every two or three months and most of the staff and volunteers there remember the dogs fondly. We wanted to share a couple of photos of them taken in Ireland this May, where they so love to run on the beaches, so all those who remember them can see just how happy they are.

Poppy the larger and older dog was born with three congenital heart defects, but as you can see, it is not holding her back from having a happy life. They have been a delight from the day we adopted them and we hope they will continue to be so for many years to come.

Warmest regards to all at Animal Lifeline and in particular at the wonderful Serendipity kennels.”

Wally and Lorna Davies

(Photos: Penny Left and Poppy Right – Fun on the Run!]