Re-homed Dogs: Posts from Facebook

This page reflects recent re-homing posts on Animal Lifeline’s Facebook page. It is ‘repeated’ here at the request of supporters who do not subscribe to Facebook.


After not fitting into the lifestyle of her previous home, Storm had a short stay with us again but has found her perfect family at last where she’s settled in really well and is enjoying long walks and all the comforts of family life. Enjoy your new home, Storm.


Shadow and Sadie came into our care at the start of the month and were terrified of the new environment, all of the staff were worried that they wouldn’t settle but a couple of days into their stay they soon found their feet and were very happy and energetic Chihuahuas! Luckily their stay with us wasn’t for very long and they are now happily settled into their new homes with another dog sibling


We hope you enjoy your new lives Shadow and Sadie, it was a pleasure to watch you flourish for the short time you were with us

ZAZU’S GONE! [12.09.20]

Our beautiful Zazu went off to his new home a few weeks ago. Have a happy new life, Zaz!


Our lovely Jasper (right) has found his forever home and joined Phil and Dawn’s Lifeline pack. Enjoy your new life Jasper (the black one).


The lovely Zeva off to her new home today. She hasn’t been with us for long. Enjoy your new life Zeva!

TOBY SAYS “LET’S GET HOME!” [15.08.20]

Our sweet Toby has also found his new home and set off on his new adventure today. Be happy Toby

STANLEY’S OFF! [08.08.20]

Our darling Stanley has found his forever home. We’re all so pleased for him. Be happy and enjoy your new life Stanley!


Beautiful Belle went off to her forever home today. Enjoy your new life, Belle and keep up your party trick.


Our adorable Clyde has found his forever home. Such a little bundle of joy who LOVES water and puddles. Enjoy your new life, Clyde. We all wish you the best!

HOME AT LAST!! [10.07.20]

We’re so thrilled to share the news that one of our longest residents, Billy-Bob, has finally found his forever home.He came to us in 2009 and he’s been such a little character. Very mischievous in his younger years and still loves to try get hold of tin cans now. We’re all absolutely delighted for him and would like to say a big thank you to Kayleigh for giving him the chance to live out his twilight years in the home comforts he deserves. Have a happy new life, Billy-Bob. It’s been a long time coming



Lucky came to us due to his previous owner sadly passing away. He’s only been with us for a few days and has already found his new home and has enjoyed a haircut. Have a happy life Lucky



Our beautiful little Storm has found her new home. Such a little sweetheart. We all wish you happiness in your new life Storm


Our darling Harley has landed his forever home. We’re all so pleased for him. Enjoy your new life little man


Our beautiful Robyn has found her new forever home. She hasn’t been with us for too long, but she definitely stole everyone’s heart. Such a sweetheart. We all wish you the best in your new life Robyn



Bobby has been with us at Lifeline for around 9 years and he has stolen the hearts of many volunteers in that time. Unfortunately he never grabbed that special someone’s attention, until now ❤ Bobby has finally found his forever home with one of our brilliant volunteers! We wish you all of the happiness in the world Bobby, it was a long 9 years but it was definitely worth the wait as you will be spoiled rotten in your golden years ❤ Here’s to a happy life in your new home, you definitely deserve it 😊


Found his forever new home tonight. He came into our care in August 2019, after his owners took him to the vets because they didn’t want him. Have a happy new life, Lenny 🐾❤

We are delighted that our lovely Benji has gone to his forever home today. He came into our care due to his owner unfortunately passing away. He’s a lovely boy who has recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and we were going to do an appeal for a foster home for him where he could recover from his surgery. His lovely new owners have previously rehomed a German Shepherd from us, Zoey, who sadly they have recently lost. They were unsure about having another dog, but they saw Benji, fell in love and couldn’t say no.

Here’s to a happy new life, Benji. We’re all so pleased for you ❤🐾

BELLE’S BLISS [27.04.20] – Our beautiful Belle has found her new forever home. She’s made herself very comfortable already. We all wish you a happy new life, Belle ❤🐾

DAISY’S DELIGHT [26.04.20] – After coming to us in a very dreadful state, we are very pleased to share the news that she has now found her forever home. This old girl deserves every bit of happiness and seems to have settled straight away. Have a wonderful new life, Daisy ❤🐾

SHORT BUT SWEET [18 April 2020] – The lovely Dylan has found himself his forever home. He’s only been with us for a short time after his previous owner sadly passed away. He’s been the sweetest boy and we all wish him well with his second chance at life.

BUSTER’S BRIEF [12 Apr 2020] – Buster was one of the dogs listed in our ‘Left Before Lockdown’ re-homing post on 27 March. Under is his new owners update on a new life – with a few pics too.

“Here’s Buster who we adopted nearly 4 weeks ago and the time has just flown by. He has settled in very well and we are so happy to have him with us…… even when he likes to squash every plant in the garden when he’s sniffing! The “Buster lead” he came home with didn’t survive but we are now 98% free from the lead grabbing habit.

Thanks Animal Lifeline for the information and all the advice given and most of all, Buster!”

Jo and Steve

MARVIN’S MIRACLE MOVE [11 Apr 2020] – Marvin, a one year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, came to Animal Lifeline after being thrown from a car! We ensured that he recovered in our care from that horrendous experience – love, attention and tenderness galore!

With re-homng at a virtual standstill Marvin’s chances of going to a new home were virtually nil until the Covid-19 crisis is over. Then out of the blue some established adopters of our dogs rang to say that they just had to take in another rescue. Our kennel manager agreed an early evening visit after the staff had left and following a ‘unaccompanied kennel walk round’ Marvin found this generous human family had chosen him! Yes – a doggie miracle in these unsettling times.

He went to his new home yesterday – Friday 10 April.

A HOME AT LAST – BUT WITHOUT MY SISTER: [06 Apr 2020] Ellis and Evie came in to our care years ago (see photo of pair).Year after year these sisters were overlooked by all kennel visitors. Perhaps because it was a condition that they had to be re-homed together. Sadly Evie died leaving Ellis on her own.

Out of the blue in these horrible times Ellis went to her forever home yesterday (Sunday) as two lovely special humans came to take her away. Thank you so much you’ve been with Animal Lifeline dogs for ages, so taking on another, especially Ellis, is a real act of kindness! She’ll surely enjoy life with you.

SCOOBY: WHERE ARE YOU? [31 Mar 2020] – “In a nice new forever home, thank you kind humans.” Yes, Scooby (a nine-ish year old GSD cross) who came to us some time ago when his original owners went abroad and couldn’t take him, went to his new home on Wednesday.

The new owners adopted an Animal Lifeline dog two and a half years ago but sadly lost it recently. With no dog in their home and the thought of dogs still to be re-homed they decided to adopt Scooby. Thank you so much for doing that in these difficult times.

WHAT A GREAT PAIR [31 Mar 2020] – In 2 weeks these little rescue pups from Animal Lifeline will be 1 year old – toilet training done, pen dismantled, good recall, understand sit, stay, in, out, bed, no, down, kiss and of course dinner & biscuit. Sleep all night, excited for walkies but most of all are good, happy, loved puppies with a solid routine – Mitch & Milly, (formerly Dixie & Pixie), and named to link with our Titch & Tilly, thank you for every minute of fun, smiles and love 💗💗 we sometimes call you Titch by mistake, but we kind of like that ❤️❤️


HEY WHAT ABOUT ME? [29 Mar 2020] “I was re-homed in March too”, says Jasper. Sorry we missed you off our last post Jasper – Animal Lifeline. “Here’s my new owner’s report.”

Jasper has settled in well and is really enjoying himself in the countryside. He’s the third rescue dog we’ve had from Animal Lifeline. Thanks to Pat for her advice and also to Steve and his team at the kennels for helping us to choose the right dog for our circumstances.


LEFT BEFORE LOCKDOWN [27 Mar 2020][- Here are our March re-homed dogs – all off to new homes and lots of love and affection!

Rosie – Cavalier/Shitzu cross aged 1 year
Billy – Staffordshire Bull Terrier aged 5 years
Beau – English Bull Terrier aged 8 years
Buster – Springer Spaniel aged 7 years

ON THE MARCH IN MARCH [11 Mar 20] – Labrador cross Lilly went off to her forever home on Saturday 7 March. Keep a eye on this page to see how she’s doing!

STAFFORDSHIRE WOOS DORSET [9 Mar 20] – Here are a few photos of Bailey enjoying his first holiday with us, two months after his adoption.

The holiday was in Dorset. Wonderful spots for humans and dog – the beach in West Bay, a river walk in Colyton, and on the cliffs of Burton Bradstock – see photos. We were a bit apprehensive about how people of Dorset would react to having a Staffy cross in their midst, but Bailey simply stole hearts everywhere he went!

A big ‘Thank You’ to Animal Lifeline for all that you did for Bailey and then for us by letting us adopt this great dog.


MAX MEETS MILLIE -[8 Mar 20] Meet our new fur baby, Max. Max has settled in absolutely amazingly, such a happy and loving dog! Just cannot thank the staff at Animal Lifeline for the support and home visits made to ensure that he gets on well with Millie – just know they’ll become the best of friends.

Both of our dogs are rescues from Animal Lifeline. Millie the Jack Russell cross was adopted by us as a pup in August 2018 and Max the Springer cross, aged 7, came to us yesterday

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. We’ll keep you posted as to how they are both doing 🐕🐕

Megan & Gayle

IT’S ALL JUST PERFECT [27 Feb 20] – Thought we would let you know our story of adding Roxy and Oscar to our family. We got our dogs through Animal Lifeline and are so grateful for the wonderful work they do.

Both dogs were in the kennels next door to each other and we simply couldn’t take one without the other! They love their new home. Roxy particularly loves playing in the stream whilst on the other hand Oscar prefers his home comforts – see photos.

We have loved getting to know them and think they are both such beautiful and caring dogs. We think all at Animal Lifeline are amazing at what they do, as they genuinely care about the dogs and where they go to. As a result we have the perfect dogs and can hopefully carry on giving them the perfect home.

Thank you Animal Lifeline.

The Vickers

SO YOU DIDN’T HAVE PHOTOS [23 Feb 20] – Very sorry to see that your latest ‘rehoming list’ posting only mentioned me by name. These should make up for the image absence – Love Libby!

By the way my new mum Nikki says “Libby has settled in well, loving life 👍🐕❤️”

FANTASTICALLY FINE DOGS [22 Feb 20] – We have very recently rescued two dogs – Alfie and Bella – from Animal Lifeline . The experience from start to finish has been just fantastic 🥰. Everybody that works there is truly dedicated .

The home check was within a week and very efficient. We highly recommend this rescue . Our new doggies Bella and Alfie are absolutely adorable.

Love Mick & Jackie xxx

LATEST RE-HOMINGS [22 Feb 20]: This month has seen the following dogs off to new forever homes:

‘GEORGE’ – 8 year old Labradoodle – see photo
‘ALFIE & BELLA’ – Alfie an about 6 year old Lurcher and Bella a Labrador Cross of a similar age – see photo
‘LIBBY’ – Blue Staffie aged approximately 1 year – no photo
‘KIZZY’ – German Shepherd aged 8 years

Initially the kennel staff thought Kizzy may be a re-homing problem having demonstrated various reactions to other dogs, however with patience, attention and lots of TLC she’s gone to a new home with a male GSD in residence. No problems it seems. Great!

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE [7 Feb 20] – I was lucky enough to re-home the amazing Benny (Bulldog cross) from Animal Lifeline last May,

You will probably notice his mud-like appearance, these are Benny’s scars from a condition Benny had as a puppy when Animal Lifeline saved his life and gave him the treatment he required. We adopted Benny at the age of 4-5 years of age. He stood out to us not just because of how handsome he is, he stood out because of his amazing character!

He’s filled our lives with laughs and giggles and I can honestly say I have never met a dog with such a character. He’s become a massive part of our family and is a truly amazing younger brother to our older dog Pike (a Paterdale).

We have also recently rescued Nancy (Staffy cross) from this amazing charity, – she’s energetic, crazy but extremely cuddly. Thanks to Animal Llifeline our family’s now complete. I hope the photos show the amazing personalities Benny and Nancy have and this is all because of Animal Lifeline – so thank you very much!


A NEW WORLD AT OUR FEET! [6 Feb 20] – Luna has settled so well into our family life over the past 4 months. We are absolutely besotted with her and her kind, gentle nature. She has created a huge impact on our lives for the better and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy to come into our lives.

She is quickly learning more and more everyday and for that we have been incredibly lucky (especially with toilet training ha! ha!). After adopting a cat, we went to Animal Lifeline having heard about a litter of puppies that had been born there and thought a puppy would be the best fit to train whilst growing up with the cat from a young age. Luna caught our eye straight away with her being the smallest of the litter and from that moment on we were so in love and started the process of adopting her. That was simple and straight forward and we cannot thank the staff at Animal Lifeline enough for everything they did with Luna up until the 8 week point, when we finally got to bring her home!

We cannot wait to share the rest of her life with everyone of you. Thank you so much Animal Lifeline for this new companion in our world.


TUESDAY TO SUNDAY – SOFA, SO GOOD [2 Feb 20] – A big thank you to Pat and all at Animal Lifeline for all you do for the dogs in your care.

We were lucky to adopt Cassie from you on Tuesday. I can’t believe how quickly she has settled in with us. She loves the sofa and her bed along with mine! She gets excited for her walks, so I think she is happy with us in her new home.


NAHIA’S NEW LIFE [27 Jan 20] – Hi, we rehomed beautiful Nahla from you in March last year. What a truly wonderful dog and new family member she is!

She is a real loveable fusspot and the centre of our world. She really enjoys her daily walks and is happy to go on and on for miles! Such a physical event recently was her first visit to Formby beach and the discovery of sand and sea. That day is well illustrated by the pictures of her and Sue patiently waiting for a ball to be thrown and strolling out on her own. Exploring woods is another passion and for later evening walks in the Winter you can’t miss her in her super reflective vest!

She just loves Steve and the attention she gets from him – his reward, a whole new meaning to ‘lap dog’- see photo.

Thank you Animal Lifeline for enabling us to give Nahla the loving home she more than deserves. She brings us so much happiness every day!

Sue & Steve

WET & DRY – MY NEW HOME [17 Jan 20]: My name’s Bertie and today (17 Jan 20) in the pouring rain my new owners came to collect me at Animal Lifeline’s Serendipity Kennels. Being without one eye has meant that many humans don’t see me as being the perfect Jack Russell that I really am – well my, that certainly hasn’t been the case with my new human family! Straight to my new forever home, a rub down and warm up in front of the fire, a cuddle from a very very nice human, a look at my new ‘kennel bed’ and I’m really happy. Rolling on the carpet is fun too. Wow – this is just great!

RE-HOMED WEDNESDAY 15 JANUARY 2020 [17 Jan 20]- Storm a three year old Beagle. Thank you Animal Lifeline for caring for me!

RE-HOMED MONDAY 13 JANUARY 2020 [17 Jan 20] – Alfie a one year old Shorkie (for those trying to keep up with all these new breed names – a Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier cross!) Bet you he will be ‘top dog’ in his new forever home.

HOMED: HIP-HIP-HOORAY! [11 Jan 2020] “Today humans took me home and I could tell immediately that they really loved me.” 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Lola was happily off to a fabulous new home today after some 18 months in our care. She was the subject of a recent appeal in The Sentinel.

CHRISTMAS PERIOD RE-HOMINGS [4 Jan 2020] – We were busy in the immediate lead-up and across the holiday period with 10 dogs/puppies going off to new forever homes. The number included those pictured plus three other Patterdale puppies and the last of a Staffordshire Cross litter born earlier in the year.

Thanks to all the ’Santas’ who kindly fell in love with these rescue animals and adopted them in to welcoming human families! Happy New Year to you all. Pictured:

Bailey – Adopted 27 December – Staffordshire Cross
Ben – Adopted 23 December – Staffordshire
Spike – Adopted 03 January – Border Terrier
Four Patterdale puppies (1 pictured) – All adopted over holiday